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10 Ways A Cancer Will Drive You Crazy

If you are in love with a Cancer zodiac you will probably know a lot of the things on this list already. However, we bet there are still some surprises in store!

#1. Our Emotions Rule Us

Cancer is the most emotional of all the signs. We are 100% ruled by our hearts, not our heads. This can cause problems in a relationship. For example, our partner might forget a special date or say something a little cold to us, making us freak out and imagine the relationship is over.

You won’t see the turmoil on the outside, however – Cancers keep it all to ourselves. Lucky us? When you encourage us to open up, we might come to realize that the world is not coming to an end after all.

#2. Love Me, Love My Family

If you want to be in a relationship with a Cancer, you have to accept his or her family. If you say anything bad about a Cancer’s family, or even make a face when their name comes up in conversation, he or she will be hurt.

Sometimes a Cancer can be a little too involved in their family, though you should never say so. It’s better to encourage a Cancer to find his or her own interests and explore what makes them an individual.

#3. Keeping Things To Ourselves

Even though Cancer is super emotional, you wouldn’t know it by looking at us. When we’re not sure who we can trust, we keep our shields up. When you’re first getting to know us, you might wonder whether we even have a personality.

A Cancer will gradually open up to someone when they feel they can put their trust in them. Everything quirky and fun about your Cancer friend will come out and you’ll know why this sign is so sought after as a romantic partner.

#4. A Little Bit Overbearing

There’s nothing we take more seriously than caretaking. Whether it’s a romantic partner, a friend, family member, kids, or even pets, nobody can “mother” better than a Cancer. If a partner isn’t prepared for this, it can drive them absolutely nuts. Cancers don’t do it to be annoying; we do it out of the true belief that we are doing our best for our loved ones.

Let us smother you now and then, just to scratch our itch. We won’t be in your face all the time.

#5. Caution: Don’t Push Us Too Far

Don’t get the impression that Cancers are all rainbows and unicorns. Our patience and seemingly endless compassion only go so far. When we really get upset, we stonewall people and won’t let them apologize or even explain themselves. If we feel like it’s been too much trouble, we will leave the relationship and not look back.

#6. Not Interested In Big Parties

We are shy and don’t enjoy being in big groups of people we don’t know. It’s not that we don’t like people, it’s just that we can only handle them in small doses. Don’t drag your Cancer to noisy, crowded places. We would rather go out to a nice quiet restaurant with a few friends.

#7. Too Many Memories

We get sentimental over the past. Don’t be surprised if we go nuts over your baby pictures. We love to look back on happy times. This can backfire on us because we start idealizing what we did in the past.

If you find your Cancer mooning over her Facebook memories, do something to convince her that the things you do in the present will make even better memories someday.

#8. We Can’t Handle Uncertainty

Cancers do really badly in times of stress. To be happy, a Cancer has to feel like her life is stable and going well. Even fun kinds of change, like moving across the country for a new job, can be terrible for us to go through. Cancer’s partners know the clinginess all too well.

#9. Jealous And Suspicious

While we don’t show it, we get really jealous at times. We don’t like to have our partner’s attention taken away from us. We will get suspicious and start seeing bad motives in everything you do. The only way to get around this one is to be completely honest with us at all times. If you’re hiding something, we will find out.

#10. Our Glass Is Half Empty

We are the Eeyore of the zodiac. We get so bogged down in managing everyone else’s emotions, we forget to look after ourselves. When we let ourselves go there, we can imagine a terrible outcome to any situation. Just be there for us and try to distract us if it gets that far.