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6 Toxic Traits of Cancer Sign That Scare People Away

It’s cringing to say, “I am a Cancer.” No one wants to relate himself to a deadly disease. But in my opinion, Cancer is one of the best zodiac signs. They are loyal, committed, non-judgmental.

And if you are friends with the Cancer sign, they are there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on. They may look tough on the outside. But when you get to know them, you’d be surprised how loving and caring they are.

Ruled by the moon, they are also super intuitive and sensitive. Because Cancerians are blessed with strong empathy, they can put themselves in others’ shoes and feel how others feel. That’s why Cancerians are born artists. Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, Mindy Kaling are all part of the Cancer community.

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But Cancerians have their dark sides, too. Being a water sign, they are born to be emotional and unstable. This could drive people crazy. Some Cancerians may even develop toxic traits that suffocate people around them.

Well, it turns out the Crabs could break some hearts. If you ever wonder why people hate the Crabs, here are the toxic traits of Cancer that may answer your question.

Are you a toxic person if you find one or two traits that relate to you? Not necessarily. In fact, they are the things we can work on to become a better friend, a better partner, and a better person.

The dark side of the Crabs – toxic traits of Cancer sign


The Cancer sign may seem harmless. But they can control your mind by making you feel guilty. If they care about you, they will pour their heart and soul. And for sure, they expect the same level of attention in return.

When they don’t get what they want, they will use their vulnerability as weapons. Honestly, no one wants to hurt Cancer. They are just so caring and innocent. It makes you question if you’ve done something wrong. And before you notice, you are doing everything in your power to make it up for them.

They ghost on people

The stereotype of the Cancer sign is kind, loving, and caring. But deep down, they can be cruel towards people they don’t care about.

Guided by feelings, Cancer only stay close to those that vibe with them. If you are friends with Cancer, they will shower you with all the love you can imagine. But if they don’t trust you as a friend or don’t feel attracted to you, you may find yourself blocked out of the blue.

For Cancer, the lack of feelings is the best reason. There need no drama, no explanations. If they don’t care about you, you are non-existent.

The cruelness of the Cancer sign is rooted in fear of confrontation. It would take a lot for Cancerians to admit they don’t like you. It’s their nature to avoid difficult conversations. So they leave you scratching your head, wondering what you have done wrong.

The toxic trait of Cancer – Irresponsibility

When we think of the word “irresponsible”, Gemini and Sagittarius are the first to come into mind. They act impulsively, and sometimes it may leave their loved ones to worry sick. But how could the Cancer sign be irresponsible? They are the mom friends of the group and always try to take care of everybody.

Different from the two signs, Cancerians don’t take proper responsibilities for themselves. They are guided by emotions and thus don’t often make the best decisions.

They would date someone toxic even when they are aware of the red flags. No matter how many times you try to talk them out, they still go back. And this toxic trait of Cancer can be annoying.

Overthink and over-worry

A common phrase that you will hear from Cancerians is “what if”. They fear what might go wrong. They fear rejection and disappointment. They just can’t help rehearsing the worst-case scenarios in their head.

But these scenarios are not facts, sometimes not even close. But they are draining their brainpower. Combined with the over-sensitiveness, this toxic trait of Cancer makes them prone to depression and anxiety.

The toxic trait of Cancer – Jealousy

The Crabs can be really possessive, especially in love.

When they care about someone, they will pinch and hold onto them tightly. Cancerians expect undivided attention in return for their unconditional love. And not everyone can handle the pressure.

Some Cancerians take jealousy to the extreme. If they see you talking with someone else, they immediately paint a picture in their head that you are cheating. If you miss a call or two, they may assume you are avoiding them on purpose. Their sensitiveness can really scare people away.


For Cancer people, vulnerability is strength. If they are upset, you will know it. They don’t need to say a word. Instead, they put lyrics of a sad song in their bio. They post a heartbroken quote on social media. They delay the tasks they are unwilling but are supposed to do.

Here and there, they drop hints and let everyone know they are hurt. But no one knows why. It’s not until you ask them that they reluctantly open up. This passive-aggressiveness exhausts people. No one has the time for mind games. And that’s why Cancerians can drive people crazy.